Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Happiness is never stopping to think if you are.
Fun times in Yosemite with my Co-workers Ashely & Maryann. We had a blast. My roommate Jerry came too.
I love showing people one of my favorite places on earth ;-) it makes me happy.
We spent two days and packed in the fun stayed at Camp 4 the famous climbers camp. Showed them all around the valley ;-)
We also all climb Mt. Dana 13,050 ft in Tuolumne the girls both made it to the top. I was impressed by them. We all made it safely up and down.
Look forward to running in Yosemite Friday with my friend Linda. Just a couple more weeks until Wasatch 100 ;-) woo hoo


Ewa said...

I barely made it back home from Poland and I am itching to get out there. Mt. Dana sounds very, very tempting.

Far from spartan said...

Wow... To be able to run/hike in those surroundings must be amazing.