Monday, August 15, 2011

Stevens creek 50k

Ran Stevens creek 50k yesterday and it was all good until 4.5 miles with I fell. I was running downhill fooling with my ipod not paying attention, and bam. I went sliding on my left side. My hand and thigh got pretty shredded. I was ready to bail, but jumped up and cleaned the blood up a bit and kept going.
I was much slower then I had wanted to be but was happy to make it to 20 miles in 4:45. I was kinda thinking of quitting there, but the winner Jean was so helpful at getting me what I needed I somehow just kept going.
At this point it was getting hot and I knew it was going to get ugly. I could tell how bad people were looking that it was going to be tough climbing back out from the turn around. When I saw my friend Fast Jerry not looking so pretty, I thought yikes !!!I hope I can make it back out and get to the finish ;-)
I was happy to finally get to the turn around. I refueled and got ice in my bandanna to put around my neck. My energy was totally gone, and I just inched my way up the steep climb. I only had 6.5 miles to go but it was brutal.
I was exhausted on that climb and pretty much walk most of that 6.5 miles to the finish. I did pass 4 people in that section so was happy ;-)
I finished in 8:19 didn't think I could be so slow running a 50k but after falling and having run a hundred miler the week before I was happy I made it.
The best news was my new Stinson B's were awesome!! My toenails that were ripped almost all the way off at Headlands hundred last week were fine. In fact my legs and feet never hurt at all. It was my energy from the heat and not eating that zapped me. Congrats' to everyone who ran Stevens creek 50k. And thanks to the RD Steve Patt for putting this run on ;-)))


Snakebite said...

You have amazing resolve. Way to go, Catra!

Jeremy Howes said...

Ouch... that one on the hand will get in the way. Props for finishing.

K said...

I am so happy you were able to persevere and finish the race. Wow. Someday I hope to finish a
50K run with as much grit as you do.

Neil Scott said...

Hi Catra,
Make sure you get all that gravel out of those cuts, they look sore. Bad luck with your fall but great resolve for keeping on going.


slickybrown said...

what kinda watch you rockin?

Ivy said...

Did you see that Hokas are on The Clymb for $80

Catra said...

I am using a Garmin 305 GPS