Monday, September 12, 2011

"Pain is your friend; it is your ally. Pain reminds you to finish the job and get the hell home. Pain tells you when you have been seriously wounded. And you know what the best thing about pain is? It tells you you're not dead yet!"
Wasatch 100 #6 not this time. Looks like I'm stuck at number 5 until next year.
It just wasn't my day only made it to mile 53 ;-(

I wish I had taken notice of the early warning signs, I may have finished. But like I always say would of, could of, should of ;-) make no excuses it is what is is.
We run this distance only because it's a challenge we don't know what the day will bring so we set off to do battle with our own demons and sometimes they win.
I felt the early warning signs of a bladder infection coming on last Wednesday but figured it was because I was having my mistral cycle I know TMI. I should of been taking extra UT vibrance and drinking more water but didn't.
I felt strong going into Wasatch #6 for me and #2 for Andy. I was super excited to be running with my sweetie.

The weather was awesome at the start not to cold ;-) we headed up the big climb chinscrapper and I was steady ;-) We made it to Grobbens corner the first aid in good time we were ahead of our split. By the second aidstation I wasn't thinking, i only filled my hand held and not my bladder. Going through the section before Bountiful B it was super over grown I hit my ankle bone on a rock or branch a couple times. It started hurting from all the twisting but I was still moving well.

I was looking forward to my Popsicle at mile 35. by the time we got there I was feeling my bladder pain coming on. I stayed positive and didn't say anything to Andy. Just wanted to drink some cranberry juice at Big mountain where we would see our crew girl Sallie. Who BTW was so helpful ;-)
We were about 25 min. ahead of pace when we left at this point I started feeling worse. I still didn't say anything to Andy. I have run 500 mile of this course so knew if I was feeling this bad now how the hell could I make all the climbs to the finish ;-( I hit a low and got depressed. I wanted to tell Andy but wanted him to go on.
I finally mentioned what was going on and he felt bad for me. I really struggled so I knew he knew, I was in bad shape.
We had plenty of time to finish but that wasn't the issue the pain was getting bad and I was peeing blood. When it happens this early for me in a race I know I can't regroup.
I felt bad because not only was I not going to finish Andy was going to DNF because of me.
He said something that really somehow made me feel so loved. I know he loves me but for him to say he came to run with me to spend time on the trails with me,and that he was going to stop too, because he was here to spend time with me. Made me feel very loved and supported by him. He was fresh and could of easily done well.
My little Peanut is the best boyfriend in the whole wide world. I am the lucky one.

So we stopped at Lambs and headed back to sleep in SLC. And spend some time together.
That night the rest of our gang Linda and Shannon dropped too. George got cut early on. We all went there to finish but it wasn't our day but we were all very happy to have gotten the chance to spend time with the Wasatch mountains ;-)

I will come out of this stronger just like I always do. Everything happens for a reason ;-)

Thanks for all your support friends.


Jenn Collins said...

Oh, I feel for you girl. Bladder infections are such misery - it is amazing you could keep going as far as you did. You did a great job of listening to your body and doing the right thing though. And your man? What a man - that was totally the right thing to do.
Next time!

Ewa said...

Catra, your biggest luck on this Earth is Andy's love. I envy you.

Olga said...

Ewa said it. Awesome story. better than finish #6.

SilviKola said...

good man.

(nicknamed after a legume..NO)

Al and Em said... was a shame you didn't get to finish this but you are so so so right; as always in life the other the moment where Andy shared his heart with you...that's the point of it all...its always the journey that counts