Tuesday, August 09, 2011

31:43 woo hoo I finished my 3rd HH mile run. It wasn't easy but come on it's a hundred mile race and I wouldn't do it if it was ;-)
I was having a great run until mile 32 when my left toe hit a rock it felt like my toe got ripped off ;-( it really hurt but I regrouped and just kept going.
I knew Jerry was coming to pace me so I thought I will call, him and have him, bring my raid light running poles. I manged to start running again after I figured out it wasn't broken just throbbing and swollen. I knew I needed to change to bigger shoes at mile 50.

The weather was over cast , foggy and drizzly the whole time except around 2:30 on Sunday when I finished.

I picked up my first pacer Jerry at mile 50 he kept me going with all his stories he kept my mind off the issues I was having. I started having bad stomach pains for a stretch. I ended up taking an antacid and it helped for most of the run.
I realized it's hard to run with a headlamp in the fog. Since I needed both hands for my poles I wasn't using a hand held.
I had been shooting for a sub 30 hour finish but knew it wouldn't be my day so I just changed it up to a sub 32 hour finish ;-)
You always need a back-up plan when running ultra marathons ;-

I picked up Julia for some girl time for the last 25 miles she kept me going with games; like what each of us would do if we got $100,000 bucks. She also told me stories about reality shows on T.V and some other wacky stuff that I can't even remember but she kept me going.

I blamed her for getting us lost 2 miles before the finish. But we weren't lost. It was just my whacked out mind thinking I was.

Thanks to all of you for sending me positive thoughts. This was my 78th finish of 100 miles or more. Time to start training for Wasatch 100 which is next month ;-))

Also thank you to the RDs Micheal & Sarah of PCTR awesome job. Thanks to all the volunteers but most of all thanks to my pacers Jerry & Julia who got me to the finish. And thanks Mikey Mike for coming out to see me finish and giving me a ride home ;-)


Jack said...

So how r u training for these Catra? Lots of running? Crossfit? Do u train with intervals and hill climbs or do u just keep running.....alot? (Well I know u run a lot already). What about nutrition. What I'm most curious about is how u can recover so quickly between some of the massive efforts u put out. Thanks and awesome job with the race.

Johann said...

Well done Catra! 78 finishes! That is just amazing.

Mike said...

78th--100 miles or more...Wow!!

Snakebite said...

Way to go, Catra!!!


Amazing run,congrats.
You are so inspiring :0]

Anonymous said...

So impressed with your 78 finishes! Congratulations!