Friday, November 12, 2010

Nothing is more important than reconnecting with your bliss. Nothing is as rich. Nothing is more real.
Deepak Chopra
What a beautiful Fall day for a 30+ miler I think I ran at least 33 ;-) forgot my Garmin and only wanted to run 30 but got swept away and lost in my thoughts and just kept going.
I always try to do my Friday long run alone , it's my time to push myself and just run and have fun. And I love being alone in the wilderness too.
I love not being on a schedule and go out and see where my body takes me.
Tomorrow I will do a 40+ mile run with my friends. Jerry, Mike, Julia and Mylinh & Joe will meet us somewhere along the way.
I hope everyone gets a chance to play in the wilderness this weekend ,wherever you live ;-)
BTW top picture is the New HTFU hoodie it kept me nice and warm this morning.
go to and checkout all their cool gear.


Rob said...

Sometimes you just need that headspace of being out on your own. I know I need it. Cheers!

Mann!e said...

That HTFU hoodies is the bees knees, may have to pick one up.

Kuddos for lone long runs, I do all of mine alone, haven't found many who want to go out for anything beyond 5 miles. :D

iColossus / Monster said...

Just read about you in Born To Run and had to Google you.

You are amazing!

simplyopaque said...

I read about you in Born To Run also! Well, I started reading your blog before I hit up that book. Anyhow, where did you take that picture from? The one with the sword you're trying to pull out. That looks mighty!