Monday, November 08, 2010


A friend is someone who sees through you and still enjoys the view.
Awesome weekend of running. Ran 35 miles on Saturday. Julia started with me and ran around 9 miles with me then turned around she was tired and sore from a weight workout from the two days before.
I continued on and it was a beautiful day. Ran down to Ed Levin/Sandy wool lake It is and awesome place to run to. I forgot how much I like that area.
On the way out I saw tons of hang gliders at one point there was 10 in the air and at the highest launch point there were at least 15 waiting to go.
I was surprised I saw a lot of hikers out there, I ran into a group of 10.
I enjoyed the quite solitude and the alone time with myself to reflect on things to come ;-)

On a 9 hour run you have lots of time to think about life.
I really felt good most of the run, which is nice I didn't really have any low points which means I'm getting stronger and able to push harder ;-)

I ran Sunday with Mike and the weather was a totally different story. We started around 12:20 and it was pouring, we were both freezing our asses off by the time we were on the top of the peak. We decided a 3 hour run was good enough for the day.
There were actually a few people out there which makes me smile knowing we are not the only hard core people out there.

Next Saturday I am taking a few friends on a 40+mile run we will start at my house run to Ed Levin and back to my house then to Sunol and back . If anyone whats to run let me know you can make it shorter and just go to Ed Levin and back 22 miles ;-) or not do the whole thing and do 30 miles or even less.
Have a great day!!


RP said... holy crap girl!!

Chris and Amy said...

Man, I wish I lived near you. I think you could make me a total badass. Just starting my training for a60k in new Zealand in March. It will be my first ultra. I love your love for life!

trailturtle said...

Hi Catra,
REALLY great pics of you and Rocky.
Question: how do you get the photos of yourself when you are running you use one of those small tri-legged things where the legs are bendable and you can attach the camera and tripod to trees as well as sit it on the ground and then put the camera on timer delay?
Thanks and hope to see you in Dec., Ann

Jo Lynn said...

I think if there's anybody that hates cold more than I do, it's Julia. Damn though, her skirt is SHORT! ;)