Monday, September 06, 2010

Each Day is an Entirely New Creation - Enjoy it!

I will never under estimate what Rocky can do!
I decided that Sunday I would see if he could make it to the top of Mission Peak .
It has been at least 2 years since he has been to the top.
I use to take him at least twice a week when I first got him. It then became once a week then once a month. I could tell he didn't like going because if he was off leash he would run back to the car.
I officially stopped taking him the day he would not even go through the gate he put on the breaks and that was it.
I have taken him on the short loop which ends up being 5 miles, we do that like once a month. He's fine with that.
Since I have been living 1 mile from Mission Peak for the past 15 months I take him for a 2-3 mile almost every day.
Last week he ran 6 miles which impressed me, so I thought it was time to see if he could make it to the top.
Rocky is 8 years old and in the past has had some leg issues from jumping.
I have had him on glucosamine, MSM and fish oil. I really think it has helped his overall health.
I thought for sure on the hike/run I would have to carry part way. Boy was I wrong he did it by himself. Mike lead the way Rocky in the middle and me in the rear. We saw Mr. Half Dome Rick who wrote the book on Half Dome. He was training for a Half Dome hike. we hiked a mile with him, it was great seeing him.
Rocky was no slacker he moved well. He only made once stop at the garbage cans below the summit for a rest in the shade.
He moved up those rocks so well I was really impressed by him, it is a struggle for most people and with his short legs he managed to pull himself up and over the big rocks.
I had tears in my eyes when he reached the summit, how could I ever think he couldn't do it. He tough me a lot that day about pushing through, something I forgotten about.
He made a lot of friends at the top where we relaxed and enjoyed his Mount Everest summit aka Mission Peak.

I am running Rio del lago 100 Saturday and I will think of Rocky and I will push through to the finish!!!
Rocky made it up in around 1:35 and down in 35 min. running/hiking time. Total time from start to finish 3 hours. We hung out at the top for close to an hour.
I plan to start taking him up once a month. Just a side note I took him up the Ohlone college side which is more of a gradual incline and has more shade and just a short gravel road section.
Rocky's paws get trashed up the front side from the long gravel road.
Today he even went out for a 2 mile run/walk and he seemed fine.
Oh and when we took him up it was the first time I was able to have him off leash on a trail and he followed. He was also able to run down the whole way ;-)

Give your pets a hug and don't ever under estimate what they can do!


Ewa said...

If your short legged 8 year old dog can make it, nobody can have an excuse. And while Ohlone College trail is more gradual, it is longer.
Could you pet Rocky for me?

Johann said...

Rocky is my hero! Wonderful, thanks for sharing this!

Rob said...

Cue Rocky theme music.

I always hate that hike up but the view is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I have heard that giving the doggies lots of vitamin C helps stamina and healing after long jaunts.

Bastian said...

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