Monday, September 27, 2010

"I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in."
John Muir
Busy and fun weekend ;-)I ran 20 miles on Diablo in the heat with my roommate Jerry. We had fun except when I got a bladder infection ;-( guess I wasn't drinking enough water, it happens.
We planned on going to the John Muir house after our run.
We headed to the John Muir house after the run got there and found out it was a no fee day. Lucky us. It was really cool to visit his house and walk around where he once walked around. I even hugged John Muir's favorite tree. I suggest anyone who loves nature to go visit his house. He did alot for the places I love to run , Yosemite ;-)
Sunday was Rocky's big day. The plan run/hike 10 miles from Sunol to Fremont with me and Mike. Mike and I would run back later after we ran home with Rocky to pick up my vehicle in Sunol.
Rocky did awesome even though I would never suggest taking your dog out in the heat. I knew we would be done before 1pm and I brought lots of water and let him set the pace. I kept him wet down and he drank a lot of water.
I wasn't drinking because I wanted to make sure he was fine.
He made the 10 miles in a time of 4 hours not bad at all for those little legs. Rocky made me proud ;-)
Mike and I headed back up in the heat of the day it was hot!!! Made it back to Sunol in one piece thank GOD!!!
I decided to take Mike over with me so I could show him Liberty the calf I saved.
We got there and met Ben, Virgina's son he was going to feed Liberty and asked if I wanted to watch, I said of course. He brought the bottles out and said do you want to feed her?? I said yes and was so excited, it tuned out to be an awesome day with an awesome ending.
She is getting so big and I just love her. I will be happy to see when she gets a mommy hopefully soon so she can be a happy baby ;-)
Thanks Ben for letting me feed baby Liberty it meant a lot to me ;-)

Enjoy your day friends ;-)


trailturtle said...

Love the calf story and what you did. That calf was lucky 'cause, if you hadn't been able to get a hold of Neil, you are probably one of the few people strong enough to have carried it out!! Guess you are now Liberty's official Godmother :)))
Happy trails, Ann

Kevin said...

This is a slightly random comment, but I accidentally stumbled upon your blog today and after browsing through your very colorful page, I wanted to make a recommendation for you. I have just finished reading “Born to Run” by Christopher McDougall and I thought that you would really enjoy it. That’s all. Enjoy life!


Love that first photo!
I think your find Rocky will enjoy running even more in the cooler Autumn and winter weather.
My dog tess is happy to run 30 miles none stop in the winter but often an hour and a half is enough even with swims in ponds and lakes on our off road trips, in the heat of the summer.
Happy running

Snakebite said...

Calves (baby cows) almost never get new Mommies. Other cows don't accept babies that are not there own. But, don't despair, they take to bottle feeding well, they'll be eating grain and grass on there own soon, and they still get to hang out with all the rest of the bovine.

Catra said...

Hi Kevin glad you like my blog ;-)
I know all about the book, because he actually writes about me in it ;-)
Take care

Catra said...

Snakebite that's not true. I am friends with the cattle owners who btw have 450 cattle on the wilderness area where I run. I'm pretty sure they know all about cattle. New mothers aka first time moms don't know even what to do with the calf sometimes. They do have several stillborns so they just graft the baby to the momma.
FYI did find out baby Liberty will be moving to Modesto with the owners grandkids. They are interested in the cattle industry so they are going to give them the baby to raise. woo hoo!!!