Friday, June 13, 2008

The individual epitomizes the universe.
Where exactly does your influence on life end? You'll never know the full power of consequences of your actions and choices. Enhance the whole of life today through your actions.


Glo said...


I read your blog every day for inspiration. You are an incredible athlete and you have the most positive outlook on life. I wish I could channel your energy to give me strength in my race tomorrow. I am doing Highlands Sky 40 miler in Davis, WVa with virtually no training. Not a smart move but with a 19 month old at home I just haven't taken the time to train like I should. I read all the races / workouts that you do and it makes me feel like a wuss for stressing about a 40 miler :) Thanks again for such a great website that gives me a much needed kick in the butt!

vince said...

Yu look so cute and so exciting !!
If you plan to come running in my Alps Mountain, you're welcome !!