Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Life is one big test!!!!
Yes this is me in the picture!!!! I woke up this morning and I felt ok. I was getting ready to go for a run. I was just sitting and all of a sudden I felt dizzy and light headed. I was on the verge of passing out I made it to the phone. I sat down just in time as I passed out. I came to called 911 and got taken to the hospital by ambulance. I stayed for 5 hours and had abunch of test done. The good thing is the infection has not spread to my kidneys. I have a sever bladder infection, my blood sugar was very low and so was my white blood cell count.
I am on antibiotics and should be ok. I see my doctor in a week.
The doctor who treated me was a marathon runner so he understood what was going on more so than the average doctor would of.
This picture was taken with my camera phone. Just in case you were wondering if I carried my camera everywhere. Thanks to the paramedics who took care of me and the doctors and nurse's at Washinton hospital.
It was a scary experiance for me....Lesson learned take my health more seriously. I'm just happy I was at home when it happened and not on the trail alone.
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RR said...


I don't think I've ever seen anyone smile as much as you do. Even facing adversity you just seem to be able to pump out a smile. Take a break and get well soon.

Dave Bursler

Catra said...

Hey Dave thanks.. The key to my life is staying positive.

Thank you for the kind words.


brownie said...

The PR folks at Montrail must be so proud...

Catra said...

Hey brownie-

I'm sure they are proud and happy I'm ok :)

olga said...

Catra, girl, I am sorry you had this crap happenning...yep, so many dropped and fought cut offs, it was scary. Add on a pre-exsisting medical condition - and you are doomed.
Get better, Dirt Diva, we need your craziness around:)

Eudemus said...


Take care of yourself and get well soon.


Anonymous said...

yeah it's not any more of the trail running BUT trash running…. take care

Catra said...

Hey Olga-

Thanks girlfriend and congrats. You one the few friends of mine who finished. job well done. I promise I will be fine in no time.

Catra said...


Thanks I will :)

Catra said...

Hey Ju thanks


Jack said...

I agree with dave b., you're one tough chick and can pump out a warm smile no matter what! Get well soon!

Catra said...

ahhh Jack thank you :)
I will get well soon. it's people like you that make me feel good and I know I will be back in action soon.

ultra Poser said...

Take care of yourself.

Feminist Runner said...

You take care -- don't push yourself too hard. And we all know how hard that will be.

Rajeev said...


Hope you recover soon and hit the trails again. They miss you :)


GuruParkash said...

Take real good care of yourself we need your Smiles and energy in the world.. GP

Brad said...

Take care. I hope to see you on the trails when I finally make the move over to Ultras!

angie's pink fuzzy said...

oh my god! how scary. glad you are ok. you smile so much!