Sunday, June 11, 2006

I was able to run today 3 miles my feet are fine..Everyone said they would swell up. They did just a little. I will run 10 miles tomorrow on the trails... No I didn't run in these shoes!!!!!
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Herc Driver said...

Very nice!!! I'm getting the "tat itch" myself! I'm going to get some work done on my upper left arm next. Mainly because all of the tats that I have are on my right side, so I'm becoming lopsided!! :) Can't wait to follow you during the WS!!!!



GuruParkash said...

Catra you are the illustrated Woman. While on trail I enjoyed learning the story of each tattoo. And how each one is a part of your mythology & life story. I hope you don’t run out of canvas too soon because I think your life has just begun… All Love & Light GPSK

Catra said...


Thanks for the email..You're right I need to save room on my body for the stories of my life..I had fun running with you & I'm sure we will run together again..

Ariel said...

Hi Catra!
I have really enjoyed your site and thought you were way cool in Running Madness! It has realy inspired me to start running again as I have always wanted to run an ultra. Since I live in the south I was thinking of doing the is pretty close by and sort of flat in a loop so that might be better for a first try.

I wondered if you would mind telling us about how you got started as a vegan? What did you eat and what were your influences? What benefits do you feel you have received from this way of eating?
Thanks so much!

Catra said...

Hey Ariel-
BTW cool name..I'm glad you liked RM move.

I love Umstead 100. I've run it a couple times!!! I think the 50m would be a perfect first Ultra for you.
I was a vegetarian first sice I was 18. I became a vegan when I quit drugs. I wanted to stop harming my body and I wanted to eat as clean as possible. I love animals and always have. So I thought I don't want to eat any living being.
I try and eat mostly Raw foods. At whole foods we carry a line of Raw foods in the cold case called Raw sheeds. It's all nut and vegi based. they also have deserts that are nut & fruit based.
I work for Whole Foods Market so it's easy living raw. It works for me.

I try and eat 100% raw most weeks once in a while I will have brown rice & beans after a long run.
I have been vegan sice before I started running so I only know that it must be good!