Sunday, June 11, 2006

My future husband second from the right...Davey...AFI rules!!!!
My friend Jerry worked the concert last night that I couldn't go to:(
He called me from the show to let me know how great they were!!!
He did two favors for me while he was working.#1 he bought me an AFI t-shirt. #2 he screamed Catra loves Davey. He said there were thousands of little girls screaming the same thing..LOL....I will be at there next show for sure!!! If it wasn't for me getting these new tattoos on the same day I would of been there...Make sure you check out their new CD December Underground.
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miki said...

Don't know the band but could your second husband be any more Peter Murphy!! :p

Catra said...

LOL....You're right he has that look.. These guys have been around since 91..My x-bf's band played with them way back when...They just headlined BFD...I'm so happy they made it they really have a cool sound you should listen to them..See you in a couple weeks..