Thursday, October 13, 2011

Whenever you make a mistake or get knocked down by life, don't look back at it too long. Mistakes are life's way of teaching you. Your capacity for occasional blunders is inseparable from your capacity to reach your goals. No one wins them all, and your failures, when they happen, are just part of your growth. Shake off your blunders. How will you know your limits without an occasional failure? Never quit. Your turn will come ;-)

I have been a very busy girl ;-) I am training Rocky Ridge for his first race, it's the Rocky Ridge 5k no lie. I named him after that trail ;-)))
That is next Saturday ;-)))
I did an interview for HBO "Real Sports" show which will air the first time on Tuesday October 18th at 10pm and several more dates after.
Mary Carillo did the interview she was awesome. Chapman Downes is the producer who I worked with he was awesome as well.
The video crew and producer Lauren filmed and followed me at Twin Peaks 50 miler which by the way I finished for the 3rd time with Andy who finished his 4th time. We have the most finishes ;-) woo hoo.

I will be running back to back Ohlone 50k's starting tomorrow the weather looks Summer like. AWESOME!!!!
Ok that's it for now. GET OUT AND RUN!!!!!

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Thomas Bussiere said...

Great advise for making mistakes! I think you need to make mistakes to grow. Otherwise, you stay the same.
Congrats on the Real Sports gig. looking forward to it.