Sunday, October 02, 2011

The purpose of life is a life of purpose. ~Robert Byrne
Busy running week I needed to get in at least a solid 100 mile run week. Which by the way I did plus more so 104 miles total for this week.
I have Twin Peaks 50 miler with 15,000ft of climb next Sunday so want to be ready.
My runs went well all week felt pretty damn good.
Yesterdays 30 mile was a tough one, but felt good at the end. I did what I called a 6 peaks run. Mission peak-Mt. Allison-Ohlone Peak-Monument Peak-Hang glider Peak-Mission peak.
The weather was fantastic all week.
Looks like we are having a change of weather this coming week. Rain tomorrow ;-( and most likely Tiogo pass will close for the winter since there will be snow. I was hoping to get a Mt. Dana run in again before the end of the season. Oh well I can't have it all.
On the good news side, I was contacted by a producer from HBO for a show called "Real sports'. They are interviewing me and 2 other runners for the show which will air later this month. They are flying out to interview me and do a photo shoot while I am in L.A this weekend.
I am super stoked to get my message out about how you can go from Drug addict Alcoholic party girl to positive athletic clean & sober girl ;-) It's all about trying and being positive.
It's not easy with so many negative people & negative energy out there that I deal with everyday.
I am always working on being the best person that I can be. Some days I fail, but I just pick myself up and keep moving forward ;-)


Lauren said...

Good luck at Twin Peaks! That is quite a race. I've been training hard just to pace the last twenty miles of it. You've got quite a chore ahead of you (going to Santiago Peak TWICE!). But I know that you will do it with a smile on your face because that's who you are!! Congrats on a terrific mileage weekend.

okultrarunner said...

Absolutely AWSEOME Catra. Let us know when it airs.

BTW - I always love the pictures that you post of your runs. Oklahoma does not seem to have such landscapes.

Come run with us some time.

Catra said...

Hi Lauren this will my 3rd time running it, so I know what I am for. I like the challenge ;-)
I will have fun !!!!

Catra said...

Hey Okultraunner I will let you know for sure.
I will make my way back out there again someday ;-))

Ric Munoz said...

Very exciting news about the "Real Sports" profile, Catra! It's one of my favorite shows and they always do a great job with spotlighting inspirational athletes - I can't wait to see it! Have fun at Twin Peaks - hope you and Andy exceed your finish time goals.