Wednesday, October 26, 2011

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind.”
Dr. Seuss
Rocky Ridge ran his first race it was the Rocky Ridge trail 5k. How could I not sign him up when the race had his name. He ran with Boomer and his buddy Mike and Boomers Mom, JoLynn. we had a blast. It took us 1 hour with potty breaks and aid station stops ;-) I will sign him up for a 10k next.

Saturaday I did a training run up Half Dome with Donato. He is an adventure runner and is doing his first 50 miler soon. I am on his team for the Get Lost in Henry Coe 24 hour Rogaine event. That will a fun new challenge. I decided Half Dome would be fun for us. To do a training run up.
The weather was awesome and since the cables were down we had the place to ourselves. There were two people on the top but left as we got there. We saw a few coming down as we went up. But most don't go up unless you are really confident when the cables are down.
We had perfect weather and tons of fun!!!! I am lucky to live where I live.


abbi said...

That picture of your dog running is adorable!!

Beth said...

My hubby and son (little blonde boy)ran near you during the 5k! Hubs said you guys talked about your dog, his name, the trail...I said, "you know who you were talking to, right?" He has since been educated on who the fashionista, dirt diva, super cool, ultra runner, famous chic was that he was talking to!I loved the chalk "Rocky Ridge" at the 5k turn around!
i have visited your blog ofter, sorry I didn't get to meet you!
Glad Rocky had a great first 5k!

Catra said...

LOL Beth I remember your husband and that little cutie pie boy of yours he was having a mini melt down at the end reminded me when I'm at the end of a hundred. He was saying to your husband stop making me run. Your husband btw was making him run the little guy was just over it. ;-) next time we will have to meet. I think Rocky will be ready for a 10k next race ;-) that is so cool your whole family is into it. Keep it up and we will meet on the trails.

Catra said...

Hi Abbi-Thanks he is so fun ;-)))))

Brandon Mulnix - Owner Modern Photographics said...

So Jealous of where you live, but its where you "LIVE". You don't just take up residence, but you get out and Breathe! Glad to hear you litle Rocky did so well. Keep the trails packed down!

triguyjt said...

Catra..I just saw your profile on HBO. Keep inspiring people and pushing the limit.