Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Remember that life’s most treasured moments often come unannounced.
I love my little Rocky!! He loves when I am tapering for a race. We go out on the trails together more ;-) I'm not in a rush. Most days I take him out 2-3 miles on the road. But when I am tapering I let him explore the trails more. He hates the up hills but loves to run down hill ;-)
He really teaches me so much just watching him. He has the good life that's for sure. He Came from the streets and we rescued each other. That's really how I feel.
How can you not love a face like his ;-)


JKjaer said...

Hi Catra,

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We want to tap into the collective craziness (we mean that as a compliment:-)) of this community to challenge and inspire other people to make their own life an ever-greater creative expression of their own goals and dreams… without limits.

We would ask you to answer two questions about your experience with ultra running.

If you'd like to participate please shoot me an email at dreamit@juliossol.com.


All the best,

Johann said...

Very special Catra! I love the fact that you feel you rescued each other. Awesome!

Thomas Bussiere said...

I had a black lab that loved to run with me. I miss those days. He was very unique and a great running companion - Never complained.

Imke said...

Rocky looks just so happy and friendly and cute!
Of course you love him.
And what a great companion dogs are when you're out hiking. They are such great explorers!
My chocolate lab Binna has turned 11 yrs now and has just been diagnosed with cancer, and I'm heartbroken, I love her so much!
She's been with me on uncountable runs, and mountain biking, and skiing, and she's still fit despite the diagnosis. We're out for walks and hiking and she even likes the uphills here :)
I hope you and Rocky have a long life together, enjoy the time you're together! :)