Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It's true I love the wilderness and pulled to it every Summer. I love running, sleeping and traveling along the trails. I loved when I was able to live on the Pacific crest trail for 94 days. It changed who I am. Each April I start feeling it in my my mind and body it tells me I must go and live out along the trails.
This year I will live outdoors at least for 10 days. And I can't wait.

I spent time in Bishop over the weekend and so badly just wanted to strap on my pack and disappear into the wild for a month or more. But I know it's not possible right now so it will have to wait. I will do several 4 day trips to the mountains and at least two longer ones this Summer. But for now I have many races to run.

My friend Faye's sister was planning on running her first 50 miler at Bishop but it wasn't her day. The altitude got the best of her but she still ran farther than she had before. 37 miles, Miki you did awesome and you will finish your next 50 miler.

I'm getting ready to run 131 miles along the Ohlone wilderness starting Friday at 2pm so please send me positive vibes over the weekend. I plan on finishing under 48 hours hopefully 46 hours ;-)

I should do well since I saw my lucky number in Bishop #3 but when you see three 3's it's way luckier. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Catra, I'm sending you positive thoughts all the way from Europe. On Friday I will be running in Switzerland, Zermatt-Matterhorn area. I have a whole week off and will be spending it on the trails, first time ever running through a night. Keep on inspiring me and many others. ALL THE BEST for the upcoming weekend!

Steve said...

Love the blog and your attitude, Catra! I see a lot of Buddhist/Zen influences, which I can truly appreciate. Here's to good times and getting deeply connected to the outdoors on your 131 mile adventure!! Namaste!

Anonymous said...


I stumbled along your blog. You inspire me to get my 40 in each week. I did have a quick question for you. What do you call your one leg/arms out on the rock move? Flying? I have my twin 21 months olds doing it. Every rock we pass on a trail big or small they have to stop and do the move. Just curious..Keep it up and enjoy your beautiful part of the world. Kurt

Catra said...

thanks Katerina have fun. You will love running at night be safe.

Catra said...

Thanks Steve! glad you like my blog!

Catra said...

Hi Kurt-
I just call it my flying bird pose. I actually take pictures of that pose during all my races and when I travel.
You little ones have good balance that's so cute they do it to ;-)

K said...

Oh my gosh I LOVE BISHOP! I did an archaeology dig up in the inyo national forest 20 years ago during college. Bishop is one of the most majestic places on the planet.