Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Mothers day to my Mom....
Mom even though you are no longer with me, I think of you every day. I tell you with my mind everything I do and how I wish you were here with me to see me and tell me what to do in life.
Every time I run I know you are there with me watching over and protecting me. I feel you often when I am running the trails. I can smell you and sometimes feel you touch me or call my name when I am alone on a trail.
I am never afraid because you are protecting me from up above.
I love the life you gave me. I love how I take after you I have courage and I am stubborn, and most of all I'm not afraid of being alone.
I was always afraid as a little girl to be left alone. I would lock all the doors and hide in my room.
Now I run wild in the wilderness afraid of nothing. You taught me to love what I do and live life.
I carry you with me everyday in my heart and I will always love you. And I want you to know you were the best Mom in the whole wide world.
Happy Mothers day! I love you!
Todays run on Mission peak 16 miles!
Yesterdays run with Aaron Jerry, Roger, me , Kathy and Mike. 40 mile day!

It's best not to ask ;-)

Mount Diablo run. 32 miles Friday

Hanging out on North Peak!!!
I put in 124 miles this week.
It's now time to taper for the Ohlone 131 ;-) I have 12 days until I run it.
This weekend I will be in Bishop crewing and pacing my friend Faye and her sisiter Miki who will be running her first 50 miler. It's gonna be fun!!!


chr15 said...

Beautiful passage Catra!

On a different subject looks like you are gonna have a stake driven through your heart???

Chris and Amy said...

That was a beautiful post. I love that you are so brave and bold. I'm still afraid to run trails on my own, but I get braver every time I read your posts. Thank you, Amy

Jon said...

I'm sure your mom is very proud of your accomplishments on and off the trail!!!!

Keep moving forward!!!