Monday, May 31, 2010


Having a great long weekend of running, helping at races and just hanging out with friends.

Been here in Sierra Madre with Andy and Rocky enjoying the hot weather.

Heading back tomorrow ;-) one more week of long training for San Diego 100 which is in 2 weeks. Next weekend I will be jumping out of an airplane been wanting to skydive forever.

Going with my roommate FJ and my friend Faye and few others it's gonna be a blast.

Enjoy these pictures of Rocky ;-)

Don't let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.


Jonah said...

Super-awesome to run into you and Andy in Sierra Madre over the weekend. You guys are so cool. Thanks so much for helping out with that race. It’s such a great community tradition. I hope you guys will consider racing the couples division next year against Hilary and me. And I promise to do better about matching my finish time to my bib number next year!

Chris and Amy said...

That first picture of Rocky cracked me up. It looks like the music is too loud and blew his ears back! :) Happy Memorial Day! Amy


Rocky! Love the ears in the first picture.

gene said...

thank you for posting the last words in this entry. much needed today. best wishes to you!

Anonymous said...

I just love that lil pup : ) Your posts really inspire me. Have a fabulous weekend! I'll be doing my 2 favorite things, trail running and riding my Deluxe. Marilyn