Tuesday, December 15, 2009

RIP Peggy Corbett 12/15/04

She puts the needle in her arm with ease,
just hurting deep inside.
Tried to hide the pain away,
to get that one last high.
She See's the lights over head,
one by one they pass,
going down an empty hall,
their trying to save her fast.
She hears them say oh no we've failed,
we've lost another one.
This addiction took another soul,
it started out with fun.
Now her friends and family sit above her flower covered grave,
She floats above and cries to herself,
that's all I did was crave.
Now there's a hand reaching for me,
it's time to say goodbye,
This disease just got one more,
promise me don't cry.
This is a picture of me and my sister Peggy she was 7 years older then me. She was always looking out for me growing up. If anyone was mean to me she stuck up for me. We were close growing up, but in high school everyone changes.
She fell in with the wrong crowd and starting using drugs. She went through periods in her life where she was clean for years. But some how her drug had a tight hold on her.
I too became an addict for awhile but quit over 15 years ago. She often would ask how could I just quit?? Why was it so easy for me. I said running helped me.
She was always so proud of me and how I could run so far and be so healthy and live a clean lifestyle.
I always wished and prayed she would get clean.
After my Mom died I saw my sister once. I knew she live on the streets and wished I could of done more to save her.
Ultimately the drugs took her away from us. It's been 5 years since she was found dead from a drug overdose. I often wonder if she wanted the pain to go away and left with the purpose to die that day.
I at least now have peace in my heart she is safe, no longer chasing that high. She is safe with my parents.
Peggy I always loved you, and was proud of the big heart you had. I leaned to be kind from you. I keep all the positive memories I have of you in my heart.
Love you always.

Left to right, Auntie Nora, Peggy and my Mom Dee


Anonymous said...

i am sure your sister and mom are rainning there love down on you everyday , mike h

Anonymous said...

So sorry for your loss. A beautiful post. You should be so proud of your strength.
Deirdre ;)

Jo Lynn said...

It just as easily could have been you they found on the street. Or, myself.

Thanks for sharing.

trailturtle said...

Hi Catra,
WOW...what a tribute. YOU have a big heart. In her spirit, and in the memories of her, your sister is still looking out for you.
May peace be with both of you, Ann
PS- I am visiting the Bay Area now and will be doing the PCTR Rodeo event Sat. I think that I will dedicate this run to both of you.

ESfishdoc said...

Keep up the good work, stay strong. I check in here and I'm inspired by your energy. Your stories help me understand where it comes from.



chr15 said...

I am sorry to read about your sister.

Marsha said...

This is sad, Catra - but it's also good that you have found a place for the difficult memories. It's a wonder how people who grow up together make such different choices. I'm glad you ultimately made healthy choices and are encouraging others to do the same. Peace.

Almine said...

Good lord, Catra,

I cried when I read your posting today...

Thank you for making yourself so vulnerable, & for sharing this story.

May your sister & mother rest in the peace of the infinite...

You inspire many, Catra. Always hold that knowing in your heart.

Big Hugs,

Jerry said...

I have read your blog for some time now and always find it heartfelt and inspiring. This post hit close to home as I have a younger brother still out there fighting the fight and everytime his area code pops up on my phone I dread that this will be "the" call. Like you, I tried to get him interested in running and triathlon as a way to transfer the addiction but have had no luck. I hope that some day, like your sister, he finds peace, no matter how that happens. Thanks for sharing your story.

On another note, I think it is really cool that you were mentioned in Born to Run.

Sorry about the long comment.

Judi said...

that sucks catra. xxoo. judi

Jill said...

My cousin died on 12/12/2008 from an overdose in a hotel alone. It was quite sad. And, yes, I wish I was able to save him many times. I found your post and can totally relate to it. 2009 has been a hard year without him and our family will never be the same.