Monday, April 02, 2007

No Slack'n for me....
I will be on the PCT before I know it. I just found out from another hiker that there will be 5 of us going for the record. I was hoping it would be just me & Julien, but now it will be more of a race. I'm not that experianced when it comes to hiking. Sure I'm a trail runner and I have been out for 21 days but this is different and these guys have experience doing long trail. I'm not one to study and get all into it. I have a just go out and do it kinda attitude. I need to be in the best shape mentally & physically to stay ahead of these guys.
I beleive I'm starting before all of them. Looks like there will be no f**ing around for me in Julien.
Well I do like a challenge ;) Catch me if you can boys ;)
Me & Julia going up Mission Peak. She only went to the top with me. I tried to get her to carry my pack but she wouldn't :(
Me on the top, what a awesome day. 5 hours 15 mile with my pack.
This is the way a crossfit Ultrarunner trains ;)

check out for the work of the day.

Here is my workout #2
30 cal.row
30 box jumps
30 med.ball to feet to ball sit ups
30 burpees
30 wall balls.
for time

I finished in 10:39


Mike said...

Catra- great pics, as always. Keep it rolling with the workouts- impressive stuff.

Yes, I'm jealous of all that sun you are getting your way!;-)

Jo Lynn said...

Dang Girl! I bow at your feet. LOL ;)
If you head out to Alameda Creek Trail or Quarry Lakes with Rocky this week, before Friday, send me an email and Boomer and I will join you.
~Jo Lynn

Jullian said...

Yeah it's too cool....
I love when there is full hikers/runners who wants to beat the record....we will be more better...sure...because we are an ultrarunners and we love the challenge....;)
we will be better step by step, day by day, miles by miles....
love Ya

Anonymous said...

You can do it Catra. I'm sending fast running, good feeling energy vibes your way for your race all the way from Minnesota. That attitude of yours is tough competition. Remember to feel all your joy. Michelle

Drew Holmes said...

still snow on the trail here in Oregon on PCT just an FYI, make sure and factor that in ( I am sure you have) I just crossed over the pass near Sisters Oregon and lots of snow right now, keep u posted as looking forward to running with you for a section. ( since PCT is 10 minutes from my house should be easy) are you going totally self supported or can you get assist along the way in terms of food etc??

Catra said...

Hi Mike thanks so much!

Catra said...

I hope you are training hard. Please try and get copies of the PCT books in French if you can.
I'm going to do a three day 96 mile fastpack for training in a couple weeks.
Ju these guys have done the PCT before so we do have to be on top of our game.
It's going to be all work & no play ;)

Catra said...

Hey Jo Lynn-

I will figure out a day I can meet you and Boomer.
We will have to schedule a slow day to take Rocky because Boomer is very fast and Rocky is a lot slower I think ;)
It's the short legs.

Catra said...

Hi Michelle-
Thanks so much. I will need them vibes :)

Catra said...

Hey Drew-
Hopefully there will be less snow when we pass through in July.

Self supported or unassisted eans we don't have a crew along the way.
From my readings people have had friends come out with resupply and they even stay in motels.
We will try and stay on the trail as much as possible we have to go off to resupply.
Since you live so close to the trail maybe we could send a resupply to your home if that's cool.
What trail junction do you live near???
This week I'm doing my resupply list.
Thanks so much you rock!

Jullian said...

yeah but i don't know if The pct exist in French
i don't believe.....
but i found a PCT website with full map
you know this website???? i print all maps i think
and also these informations on PCT water on jeffrey website....
i send soon my energy food started next week...

Catra said...

Hi Ju-

Good! as long as you study the maps we should be fine.
Oh good you will be sending out your supplies.
How is your training going???
I think next weekend I will do a few 25 mile days with the pack and the following weekend 3 days of 31 miles with my pack and sleep out in the wilderness.
The weather is awesome here. Oh, Julia will be in France next week for the Paris Marathon.

Jullian said...

i don't run with my backpack at the moment!!!!
i run 100K per week and i'm ok in my head and also my body it's ok!!!!
Oh cool for Julia she will love France for sure ;)i will be maybe on paris marathon for worked but i don't know still...

LOve Ya

Drew Holmes said...

Catra email me and I will give you address etc, we can assist for sure.