Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Running Machine... Yep, that's me. I have been running like crazy. I ran Zane Grey two weeks ago and made it to 44 miles and was pulled because I didn't make the cut off. I was running with a friend and at mile 33 he asked what was the cut-off at mile 44 the aid station guy said 7:30pm. So we had plenty of time. We got there at 6:50 and were told the cut off was at 6:30. I was bummed never missed at cut off before. We were just taking our time because we thought we would make it. I ran it last year and the cut off was 7pm. Lesson learned always read race day instructions. Never ask an aid station worker about cut-offs. It was no ones fault but my own for not reading. I still had fun. Sure I had a melt down and cried. over 200 race's and my first DNF. Posted by Picasa

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