Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Just loaded some new music on my MP3. I loaded Panic at the disco,Fall out boy,Good Charlotte, Wolfmother and some old skoll Ministry. I love boy bands can you tell..LOL... I love fast industrial and punk. I want to ad one more new CD to my collection. The new AFI, but it won't be out until 6-6-06. Well at least I will have for my WST double. Have a great day.~Catra~ Posted by Picasa


Herc Driver said...

Hey!!! Yep, been running quite a bit! It's hard to do when I'm home due to crying baby and lack of sleep, but I'm not complaining.... :) So I run a lot when I'm on the road and try to fit in a run when I can when I'm home :) Yep, I love the SG Girls, just love em! :)

beckyjsacto said...

Good old Ministry is the way to go, especially "Everyday is Halloween." I'm running my 1st WS this year & thought I'd say hello -- didn't get the chance to meet you at the camp, but I think it's way cool that you're doing the double run! And yes, I'm awake at 2:50am scratching my poison oak..
Happy trails!

olga said...

I missed the camp, but didn't miss the weather there this year:)
See ya in 3 weeks!

Catra said...

Hi Olga-
it was so weird. Rain & snow!!!

It's nice and HOT now. I'm running Half Dome tomorrow & Saturday Shadow of the giants 50k should be fun!!!

Catra said...

Hey Becky-
Yes "Everyday is Halloween" is still one of my favorite day. I still life by that song. of course I've mellowed out over the years!!LOL....

Make sure you come say hi in Squaw during check in if you see me!!!

Yep, I got poison oak too!!! But not that bad!