Wednesday, June 08, 2011

This weekend I will be running SD 100 I will be going for my 7 finish and Andy for number 8. It should be a blast and I hope we get some heat!!! I have been following some reports on PCT hikers in the Sierras and it's looking dicey for any sort of record so I am just going to Fastpack it without killing myself and to be honest with all that snow it won't happen. So the plan is to have fun and finish in 8-10 days instead of my usual 7 and under ;-)
I hope you all have an awesome weekend and stay out of trouble ;-)
Please send me positive vibes during the race.
"We know that not all addictions require treatment, because we run"-unknown


beadmobile said...

just learned of you from Christopher McDougall's Born to Run book. You are amazing! Definitely sending good vibes to San Diego :o)

Catra said...

Thanks Beadmobile ;-) I was born to run ;-) it just took me a long time to figure it out ;-))

Ewa said...

I am sending some good vibes for you to take with you.
Have fun.
JMT looks really snowed in. 8-10 days, in my eyes, is still awfully fast.

aisha said...

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