Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.
We did it we finished another San Diego 100. It was by far the most difficult for me and Andy. We have run this race together 4 times. Andy has finished 8 times and me 7. It was our very first 100 we ran together as a couple so it's special.
This year since no one seemed to be trained it took a lot of amazing runners out. Including me, but I manged to keep moving forward towards the finish line . Andy and I both felt like crap most of the race.
The heat killed us early on, and the night brought cold temps and wind chill factors. It must of been low 30's but with wind chill it felt much colder.
We had the best crew ever George Valesco. He put up with us the whole 30:10 min. it took for us to finish. Without him it would of been a hell of a lot harder. Just seeing him at each aid station made me smile.
This race is all about the awesome RD Scotty Mills and the wonderful volunteers. Thanks to all of you.
I am already getting ready for my next adventure this weekend. Heading up Mt. Whitney & White mountain peak both 14,000ft+ peaks. There is a shit load of snow, I'm hoping we can make it all the way up but since I am not very experienced in climbing in that kind of snow not sure how far we will get. I will be heading out on July 9 for the JMT so by then a lot of snow will be gone. So if I don't make it up this time. I will be going back up Whitney in a few weeks ;-) wish me luck.
Ok I'm off to REI to buy an ice axe and watch more videos on how to use it.
Thanks for sending me positive vibes during San Diego 100 ;-)


olga said...

Georgie is the best dude out there, indeed. As Scotty Mills:) I missed SD100 this year, better get thinking about next! Congrats you two!

Ewa said...

You are doing White Mt too? I love this mountain. It is so baren. I bet there will be lots of snow there too.

Snakebite said...

Way to go, Catra! Great job on the San Diego 100!

For your snow adventure, an ice ax is a good thing if you'll be roped together and / or self arresting is an issue. If "post-holing" is not a worry, but traction is, I recommend crampons. No slip and you can go up stuff incredibly steep. If "post holing" is a concern - snowshoes!

Also, if there's a mountaineering store nearby, you MIGHT be able to rent all this stuff.

Have fun!

San said...

Hey, congrats on finishing it to you and Andy. You are awesome.

Have a great time in the mountains.

beadmobile said...

Wow that is just so amazing. My longest "event" was a self marathon. Had a lot of help from family & friends and I needed it for the almost 7 hours I was out there. I wanted to just see if I could go that far. Pales in comparison to a 100 mile race. I know what you mean about seeing a friend along the way, it can totally lift you up, make you smile and take you forward, but you still have to have that desire to finish. Seems like it's more of a mental challenge than a physical one at times. Great job! Looking forward to some "cool" mountain pix :o)

Jessica said...

I am so proud for you. You go girl!! Btw I love your legs. You are well sculpted.