Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Making one person smile can change the world – maybe not the whole world, but their world.

Headlands hundred miler done!!! It was my 95th finish of running 100 miles or more. It was my 4th Headlands hundred finish and my fastest by over 1 hour 29:42.
I don't care what anyone says about me being a fruitarian anymore!!! It's working for me and that is all that maters. I did cheat and felt the urge to have something warm at night it was vegan veggi soup.
But that is the first time in 8 months I've done that had something cooked. 
I believe I got a stomach ache after that LOL.
I ate fruit and had raw dried fruit bars and vega date paste gels that is what I ate the whole race.

My bad point was 60-75 but I had Donato keeping me moving.
I picked Linda up at mile 75 and she was taking me to the finish.
I power hiked the climbs and shuffle ran the downhills. I felt strong she talked and showered me words of encouragement and made me feel good. I can always count on Linda for that. 

We left the last aid station and doing the math which I can never do in a hundred I panicked !! I wanted to course PR. But shit I didn't know what my PR was 29 something!! I thought time to go G6.
I had to freaking move !! 
I needed my iPod I needed music for the last 3 miles. Donato was coming out to meet us to run to the finish he could not believe we were almost to the top of the climb. I said once I get to the top I'm going for it. I found my green iPod the one that has my LMFAO music on it. I searched for party rock Anthem song. I got to the top of Wolfe ridge and it was all over.
Crazy girl came out with LMFAO music and ran like the world was coming to an end and a big monster would eat me if he caught me. I had 2.5 miles to go. I dropped Linda like a hot potato(sorry)
And Donato who is a way faster runner than me was hanging on for dear life.
I was locked on the finish!! All I know was that people were scrambling to get out of my way because there was no slowing down. Donato was apologizing for me.
I was running 6:30 min. Mile. Crazy shit !!
All I thought of was the KARF organization, the senior dog rescue that I raised money for prior to HH. Thanks for all who donated. I thought of those dogs and I was running to give them a better life. I was running for all those who look up to me and are inspired. I wanted to make my little world and all the people in it proud!'
I did it PR. Yes by over an hour woo hoo.

Time to get ready for the next one September 26th Tahoe double dare 144 miles woo hoo.
Run on peeps 


Olga King said...

One day I'll have guts to try this frutarian thing. But not while I am cooking for the family...Great job!

Mat Grills said...

Hay Catra! Super work on the race! I have a feeling you may me my sister and I's long lost American sister! Lol! Check my blog for possible tattoo comparison if your interested... Hay, also just wondering, I'm plant based at the moment and been doing a fair bit of digging into 80/10/10's the fruitarian thin going for you? Any advise? Very interested. Keep up the super work friend! Mat

slfd70 said...

Love it! Congrats on your finish!