Sunday, January 08, 2012

2011 WAS AWESOME But I have a feeling 2012 will be way better and filled with many more exciting adventures all over the place ;-)
My body logged 4,154 running miles last year and my year to date stats is; drum roll please.............ta da...65,914.
It's crazy to me coming from a girl who hated running when I was younger. I hated sweat and dirt. Two of my most favorite things to do now is to push myself so I sweat, and love when I am all dusty after a nice long 40 mile training run in the mountains.
Rocky had a good year he ended up with 520 miles. Not bad for a little 9 year old weenie dog ;-) and Andy ran a million miles I'm sure ;-)
The weather has been amazing more like Spring instead of Winter. I am enjoying it while I can. We all should. So stop reading my blog and lace up your trail running shoes and get your ass out the door..NOW!!!
I had an awesome x-mas got a new ipod nano 16g. It stays charged for 24 hours and I have 7 days worth of music. So along with 1 shuffle I should be able to get through HURT 100 next week.
I also got a Tiffany necklace and a bunch of other cool gifts from Andy and all my friends.
Ok back to HURT 100 I will be running that crazy race again next week for my 12th time. I have 6- 100 mile finishes there , 4- 100k finishes and 1 DNF. Ok this is it I just want to finish the 100 miler 1 more time so please send me all your positive energy while I am in Hawaii running HURT 100 I will need it.
Happy New year Love you all!!!


Ewa said...

Sending you all my good vibes. You WILL finish strong an happy.
I know this is going to be a fantastic year. Keep on running and inspiring us!

Lauren said...

Wow Catra! That is some awesome mileage that you put in. You are an inspiration. Truly.

Enric Martinez said...

I was actually lacing my new trainers, but you are right; the trainers and roads can wait, I'm getting my trail shoes right now!

Happy 2012 and keep on running all three!!