Wednesday, July 28, 2010

HOW DID YOU LIVE...............
I don’t want to get to the end of my life and find that I just lived the length of it. I want to live the width of it as well.

So the Tahoe rim trail 165 mile fast pack didn't happen, well it did but not the whole thing. We made 120 miles ;-)
I knew going into it that it might be hard for Kathy she had run 80 miles at the TRT 100 and had to drop do to low blood pressure, she passed out.

She really wanted to go so since I love to take people and teach them something new I really wanted Kathy to come.
We didn't start until 6;30pm on Wednesday night. We got stuck heading to Tahoe city in traffic. There was an accident so we had to stop and turn off the car and wait for EMT and tow trucks to move the wreck.
I thought yep it's going to be an adventure. Wayne Kathy's BF dropped us off and we were on our way.
Kathy had never run with a pack that weighed 14 pounds before. She is 4'11 and weighs like 90 lbs so I could tell it might be hard for her.
We found a great sleeping spot and slept well. The next day would be a big push. We ended up going for 15 hours and slept near Tunnel creek.
We were on a familiar course since she ran 80 miles of the TRT the weekend before and I ran 50 miles of it.
I knew the whole Tahoe rim trails since I have done the whole thing 3 times and 100+ miles of it 5 times for training or racing.
I could tell Kathy was struggling a lot but she pushed through. I know fast packing and living on the trail isn't easy and you really need to open your mind to it.
She was a trooper and did awesome even though it wasn't fun the whole time.
I really though for sure she would be able to finish one we got to Echo lakes but a few mile out she got weak and wanted to pass out.
We were planning to go all night and had a huge climb coming up. I knew she wouldn't be able to make it safely up and over the pass or go all night.
She did the right thing I told her. The trail will always be there.
I plan on taking her back to Echo so we can finish that last 48 miles. We ended up doing 120 miles in 3 days which isn't bad at all. Kathy now knows what it's like to fastpack.
I had some issues as well got the most discus ting water at spooner lake which I really couldn't drink so went pretty much without water for 6 hours.
Drank like a fish at Kingsbury grade..I love water. I really was surprised at how strong I was on the trail. The last time I did the trail I was slow and weak for some reason I have been doing better at altitude.

Kathy and I plan on doing the last section in September, at least we won't have to carry a lot then ;-)


Honer said...

Awesome adventure!

I need to run up in that area eventually.

Johann said...

That sounds like a fantastic time out on the trails. Low blood pressure can be terrible. It also makes you feel like dying, so Kathy did great. Great pictures, thanks for sharing!

Playoff Beard said...

You are one tough chick! I like your style and your blog, keep it up.

Snakebite said...

Way to go, Catra, great effort!

Von Meow said...

Curious to know what all you carried in your pack for this adventure?

Von Meow said...

I love your blog!

Just curious what did you have in your pack for the fast packing adventure with kathy?