Tuesday, March 16, 2010

When the pond is still, the reflection is clear. When the mind is still, the reflection of life is clear. Reflection brings clarity.
These pictures were taken during our 9.5 hour run on the way to Cool course starting and ending at Auburn damn overlook. It was a wet and rainy day.
Just like most of my long runs lately.

The good news the weather was perfect for the Way two cool 50k race that I volunteered at on Saturday.
The weather is changing and I can feel Winter changing into Spring.

I will be in SoCal this weekend with Rocky doing my last long run for Umstead 100 with my friend George. I will be at the LA marathon cheering on Andy and the other crazy marathon runners. It's rally not my cup of tea running road Marathons.
This will be the first time I have watched a marathon in my life ;-) It will be interesting. I'm sure I will hop on the course to run a few miles with Andy ;-)

Coyote two mooners working HWY 49 aid. Catra , Dan and Jenny


Running Diva Mom said...

Your posts and photos always make we want to get outside running. Sick of the treadmill!!! Awesome job!!

Neal Jamison said...

I did not know you were doing Umstead again! If I did, I'd have begged you to let me "pace" you again.

Best wishes,

原諒 said...

thx u very much, i learn a lot

Gabriella said...

Hi Catra!

I'm new to your blog, have I missed it or is there somewhere you put your upcoming schedule of races? Would love to meet you sometime on the trail, though you would undoubtedly be way ahead of me! I'm also new to ultrarunning, have been piling on the marathons the past few years and now pushing the limits (we have that in common) to 50ks, and working towards 50 milers and eventually the 100. Other things in common - I'm also fortysomething, also now living free of all intoxicating substances except my boyfriend and running! Oh, and the tattoos. Not many lady athletes out there rockin sleeves and/or quad ink like us! Keep kickin it, grrrl! You are a true inspiration.


Catra said...

I guess I don't have a list up of my races I should add that. Next up Umstead 100. I mostly run 50m 100k and 100 m races. I do a lot of 50k and 40 mile runs in training so i would rather pay for 50m or 100 m instead of short ultras.
Do you live in the area. thanks for stopping by. I hope to meet you on the trails.

Neal darn wish you could of paced me ;-( oh well .
He if your around you could still pace me if you want ;-)

Catra said...

Thanks running diva mom.

Gabriella said...

Hey, thanks for writing back so fast! I'm on the east coast (Boston now, originally from Manhattan), but I love to travel, especially for races. Funny, your reason for not paying to do 50ks & 40s when you train at that distance is same as mine for not dong any paid races shorter than a marathon! What would you suggest as a good first 50 miler or 100k?