Saturday, January 09, 2010

I WISH YOU PEACE...................
I wish you sunshine on your path and storms to season your journey. I wish you peace in the world in which you live. More I cannot wish you except perhaps love to make all the rest worthwhile.
Robert A. Ward
I had my amazing friend and Ultrarunner Clifton Carter tattoo me today. I want you all know how amazing he is and actually everyone at his shop are very very talented. He is very much a perfectionist when it comes to tattoo.
I have been tattoo by many artist over the years and I must say not one of the artist at Lighthouse tattoo has a ego or attitude.
I have been tattooed in shops where you do feel uncomfortable being there and everyone has an ego.
Not at Lighthouse. I highly recommend getting your next tattoo here.
Nothing but top notice work.
Thank you Clifton for the beautiful work and I will be getting more from you my friend.
check them out on facebook they are located on Geary st. In San Francisco.


Anonymous said...
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Lucinda said...

I love the ducks!

chr15 said...

The ducks are awesome!

As a fan of tattoos but someone too chicken to go get one (probably because of my Mum always telling me not to go and get one, some of what your Mum tell's you sticks) I thought this post was awesome.

Do all of your tattoos mean something to you or are they just 'decoration'?

Catra said...

chr15 actually most all my tattoos have a meaning. The art work tells the story of my life ;-)

Anonymous said...

So what is the story with the ducks?

Catra said...

The duck thing started 2 years ago when I bought my BF a yellow stuffed duck for Easter. I actually thought it was a then he started buying me rubber duckies and I would buy him different little ducks.
I already had it planned as my 45th b-day present to myself but only if I ran 45 hours which I did. The ducks are of me , Andy and my dog Rocky being one happy family and a present to myself that will remind me I can do anything like run 45 hours. So when I have a tough time at my next race I will look down at my leg and it will make me smile.