Thursday, August 27, 2009

Constant kindness can accomplish much. As the sun makes ice melt, kindness causes misunderstanding, mistrust, and hostility to evaporate.
I'm off to Washington tomorrow morning to crew and pace my BF Andy Kumeda. I will pace him the last 50 miles of Cascade crest 100. I'm hoping to kick his booty so he can run a fast time.
We will head to Canada for a couple days after. I am hoping to have time to do a run out to the finish monument of the Pacific crest trail. I plan to go back and get the woman s record in 2011 I have unfinished business out there.

Today I did a photo shoot for an article that will run in the SF chronicle I think on Sept. 14th. It's on healthy addictions.
They like focusing on different ways people keep fit.
They already wrote on crossfit and Ultrarunning so it will focus on something they never heard of. Fastpacking something I do every Summer to keep fit and train for all my Summer races.
We will see how it turns out. The photographer David is awesome. We are planning on doing some work together.

Sept. 5th Whole Foods Cupertino is having it's 2 year anniversary party so if your around stop on by. There will be music, food and free things. From 3-4 I will be teaching a "Get Fit" class so come join me for a free workout.

Don’t overload yourself with any more thinking. This is more a time of resting before action takes place. Intellectual reasoning only leads to frustration or leads you away from the direction you should be taking. As this is a re-orientation period take time to evaluate your goals, they may not be the same goals that you started with. Trust your feelings more, future success is at hand.
© Stephen Haynes

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Anonymous said...

Hope Andy has a great run with his able bodied pacer. Will look forward to the Chronicle article about fastpacking. We're going backpacking (difference being??? heavier packs?) this week to the Yosemite High Sierra camps. Love the flower power - VERY cute! ~~Marcy