Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Little Things

Life is made up of little things. It is very rarely that an occasion is offered for doing a great deal at once. True greatness consists in being great in the little things. Charles Simmons
Sundays long run me on the top of Mission Peak it was hot!!!

Me running up the Grove trail to Horse Heaven.
Here are all my new Vasque trail running shoes to try out. I ran in the Aethere tech and enjoyed the ride. I love the lacing system you just turn it to tighten them, and pull on it to open or loosen them. I love the purple color too. I will try out the Momenta tomorrow.
Me running down Horse Heaven this morning.
So far I love these Vasque shoes ;-)

I will be out of town this weekend in SoCal to help my good friend Shannon on her 100 mile solo run for charity. I helped her back in 04 when she ran her run. I will be out pacing her the first 50 miles like last time, it should be fun. I love hanging out with her she is an amazing Mom, wife and friend. She is also the CEO of Moeben. If you don't own a pair of her sleeves I suggest you buy them they are great!!!

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PunkRockRunner said...

Moeben's are the BEST! I have two pair and love them. Best of luck with the pacing and safe travels.

All the best,