Thursday, November 13, 2014

Broken toes suck!!!

I was not able to run Rio del lago 100 because last Wednesday I accidentally kicked the Corner  of my wall, in my room and broke toe 4 & 5.
My ortho doctor is awesome he has allowed me to continue to run a couple miles a day. I'm slow and can't bend my left toes i tape them but hey Im keeping my running streak alive.

I celebrated 2 years of running everyday day 730 days on Sunday.
I ran 3 miles with TruMan on my broken toes
I feel grateful and thankful even with these broken toes . It could of been worse.
I see the doctor again for another x-ray before Quad Dipsea 28 miler. I hope I'm all healed since I will be running that race for the 17th time.
Life is good😁


Snakebite said...

Wow, bummer about the toes. Not fun, I've been there. Get well soon!

PCS said...

I hope your toes heeled up! I kicked a rock today in my Vibrams (small outside toe). Very painful, but no break.

Erick said...

Congratulations on the Runners World page.

Mike said...

Love the Runners World article. Just requested to follow you on Instagram.