Monday, February 11, 2013

I love Truman!!

Loving your best friend is a good thing. Being in love with your best friend, well that my just the greatest feeling on earth.

I got hit hard with a cold , flu infection whatever it was, I was sick all weekend. I was suppose to run CE 12 hour night run Saturday night but I made a smart choice not to race. I was sick since Wednesday. I was able to run 10 miles with Truman yesterday and am feeling much, much better.
The good news is my running streak is still intact. Been running every day since 11-4-12, going to try to run everyday for a year.


Imke said...

I'm glad that you found Truman, or maybe, rather Truman who found you!
He looks so cute on the pictures :)

Running is so much more relaxing with a good dog friend.

I'm glad I found Lukas after Binna left me a year ago, although he being the 80lbs muscle packed chocolate lab is quite a challenge for me having him on a leash when I have to :D

Surely you look more relaxed on your running photos, both with Rocky and with Truman, I wish I could pick up Lukas as you can with Truman!
But he's good to cuddle with in the sofa, behaving like a big puppy.

I hope you continue feeling better!

randall031 said...

Quick Question....How far can Truman run with you? I have a mini dox and he loves to run, but I don't want to take him too far.


Unknown said...

I love your spirit! You are the rockinist ultra runner ever.