Sunday, August 12, 2012

John muir trail

7 days 2 hours5 min. Totally unsupported. No Yo Yo this year found out on day 4 my uncle Frankie died. I could not miss the memorial. The trail will always be there. Next up Run De Vous 100 this weekend.
I will write a report soon but here are photos for now.
Thanks to Linda and Barb for coming out to cheer at the finish ;-)


slowrunner said...

looks beautiful catra! great job. sorry to hear about your uncle ...

Chris said...


I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your uncle but I also wanted to congratulate you on having such a great run out there. I know it's not the record time that you wanted but it's a really, really strong time.

A friend and I are looking to get out on the JMT next year. We'll probably take two or three days more than you did this time around but I was wondering if you would mind posting your gear list so that we might get a few more ideas about reducing weight. Thanks so much!

Take care,


Rob said...

Sorry to hear about your uncle. Family is family and your right, the trail isn't going anywhere.....

Wow! You are so amazing Catra, wish I could build up to that level. But on the other hand....:)

Great photo's loved the one of you reading the maps at the end, by the small falls. Assume there is a bigger fall near by?

Anonymous said...

My sympathy for the loss of your Uncle.
Congratulations on a safe run!
if you haven't heard of what Nikki Kimball is up to:

Dambara said...

Hi, Catra/Dirt Diva! Wanted to share a great photo of you from August 3, just above Red's Meadow. I don't know how to attach it here, so I'll point you toward my JMT blog page: which links to my Picasa photo album--you're pic #43. Feel free to add it to your blogpage if you want. Thanks for stopping long enough to talk & pose! Cheers, Dambara