Monday, May 21, 2012

Ohlone wilderness 50k aka 100 miler for me

I am to report my calf injury was never an issue.
I decided to just run 100 miles since my energy was very low from 70 miles on I was down on calories and dehydrated. It was very hot and dry and I had a serious bloody nose which I haven't had for maybe 20 years. I had to lie on the trail to get it to stop.
I rested a lot in the heat of the day in the shade. I would get up a climb and rest. I am very happy with my accomplishment. This was my 10th Ohlone 100 miles finish.
I finished in 35:10. I had great pacers Michelle and Kathy. Also thanks to Jerry and mike for helping transport my
I volunteered for 8 hours yesterday at the race. That was a blast! Congrats. To all the runners and thanks to all my friends who support me.


Johann said...

Congratulations again Catra! I love all the photos but Rocky steals the show! Our one cat that I had a very special bond with died two weeks ago. I miss her sooo much. She used to wait for me on the corner above our house when I go run and always ran the last part with me. Sad that she's gone but many good memories.

Snakebite said...

Great job, Catra! What are you holding in the third picture from the top?

Catra said...

It's my award post it says my name and 100 mile finisher

Catra said...

Johann I'm sorry to hear about your kitty. I'm sure Rocky is playing with him right now. I'm still sad but having those pictures along the trail make me smile

Unknown said...

Hi Catra, I love your blog; do you have any advise for Vegan and vegetarian cook book (advise or links) for athletes?
One of my daughter is doing more and more sports and she is a vegetarian and my wife and I are kind of lost on what she needs to eat before and after an event....thanks a lot for your help