Thursday, April 12, 2012

“Today I shall behave, as if this is the day I will be remembered.”
― Dr. Seuss
American river 50 miler is in the books. I an a great race finished in 9:22 my 4th fastest time there. I was on pace to run 9:05 but had a couple issues and slowed down. I was proud of the fact that I pushed myself and kept positive the whole race ;-)
I plan on pushing once again at Mt. Diablo 50k next weekend, I want to beat my time from 3 yeas ago. I am also going for a PR at Miwok 100k next month.
I finished 23d female and 189th overall at AR this is a big race with almost 800 runners.
I am having a good year so far and plan on keep pushing as I am training had for the big one. 733 miles in July Death valley to Tahoe ;-)
Even though Rocky Ridge is not here in doggie form his angel form keeps me motivated. He helped me at AR that's for sure. On a side note Andy Kumeda my bf PR'd his 50 mile time in 8:15, and wasn't going to even start. Way to go sweetie!!!
Congrats to all the finishers and everyone who was shooting for under 11 hours so they could qualify to Western states 100 next year.


Johann said...

Well done Catra! Andy rocked it for sure! I miss Rocky but know he is with you always.

Imke said...

Oh now I definitely believe Rocky is there somewhere, watching over you, giving you the energy you need!
I have btw found myself a new dog, a chocolate lab just like my dear Binna was. Lukas needed a new home, he is 3yrs old, and sooo lovely (and huge.Big.A big boy.And strong.)
Sometimes it is as if Binna is around whispering in his ears "Just go and ly on Imke's bed! She is too softhearted to not let you. Just use her pillow - she won't mind." And so on. It's like she is even more around now.
I wish you all the best, good to hear your running form is so good! Enjoy it! :)