Saturday, November 26, 2011

First place winner and course record holder Leor, me and second place Gerry

Who would of of thought 14 years later I would have a steak going with my beloved Quad. Dipsea 28 mile race.

I will never forget the first time I ran it. I was not as adventurous as I am now, so I had my brother Jay drive me to the start with me and my friend Kevin would come to the finish and give me a ride home.
I had run 2 50ks and 1 50 miler at this point. I didn't know anyone that ran so I stood there not knowing anyone and very intimated by this ultrarunning crowd. Sure I was an ultrarunner at this point but was a newbie and only ran alone. I was amazed at all these famous ultrarunners I had seen and read about in ultrarunning magazine I had recognized them from photos.
I was afraid of this race because of the climbing and all the stairs. I never saw the course so was nervous.
The gun went off and off I went not knowing how tough this sucker would be. Right from the get go we climbed. The race was hard but I was loving it, my ears were wide open listing to all the runners talk about this hundred and that hundred. I wanted to be one of them a true ultrarunner and run a hundred. I was already thinking about running one.
I met so many runners that day that made me feel comfortable out there. I had a blast that first QD run.
And I am 14 year later with old friends and new ones. I met so many first time runners out there and it was fun talking to them remembering one time long ago I was one of them.

I went into Quad having done a long run the day before which I usually do. I ran 18 miles and had run a few other 15 milers during the week. This race always kick starts my HURT 100 training. I decided I would run relaxed and enjoy the day. I made sure to try and keep my eyes on Jerry my roommate since he always runs a good pace at the Dipsea. I pretty much ran with him or followed him the whole day. I pushed hard on the down hills and power walked the uphills. I decided the race felt easier this year. Not sure why since I just ran Javelina Jundred two weeks ago. Maybe I am in good shape from it.
II had a good run and finished in 6:26 my 4th fastest time there.
I decided next year I want to go into the race rested and try to beat my 6:10 PR there. I ran that in 2002 which was a year of PR's for me.

I want to thank all volunteers and the RD's John & Lisa for putting on such an awesome race. Next year the race is on for me ;-))))

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